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after a longer pause, ¶radio hummingbird contributed a new piece of music to the most recent disquiet assignment this week. for further information about the process of creation and the techniques used to create hand-made glitch sounds please head to the original project post on Lines. there is also a time lapse motion picture version […]

a future in commons: a tribute to bassel khartabil

who is Bassel Khartabil? perhaps not everybody reading this will have heard of this name before. so, please let me clarify: Bassel was a syrian activist who passionately worked in the realms of open-source coding and creative commons and has, to the dismay of many, unsurprisingly been caught up in the woes of the syrian […]

cities & memory: sacred spaces

please, let me introduce cities & memory. an online medium dedicated to location recordings and their re-imagined sonic creations. every so often, the curator is inviting the interested public to first submit thematically relevant fieldrecordings of a pre-defined subject which are then offered to a different interpret be re-created in a second step. so far, the […]


this is ¶radio hummingbird’s contribution to the disquiet junto project for week 31 of the year 2016, serial number 0240. in short, the requirement for this contribution was to start a new piece with a droning sound that slowly evolves into a more rhythmic arrangement. for more information about this assignment please refer to the […]