|field session #5

field sessions is a collection of intriguing sounds captured to freeze a moment in time which will never occur like this again. what remains is soundscape de-contextualised but full of potential. make of it whatever you can, there are no limits to the sky…….

this collection of tracks has been recorded around and on top of the golden mount inside wat saket in central bangkok on the 08th of october 2017 just after midday. the recordings capture a variety of soundscapes deeply associated with buddhist rituals prominently featuring a number of different gongs, bells and chimes. however, many other sounds associated with buddhist worship appear in different intensities which include spoken sermons, fate-telling rituals and the voices of the constant stream of worshipers alike.

the golden mount is an iconic structure in central bangkok and has for many years in the past been one of the tallest building in the city until the surge of modern highrise buildings started to take hold. its foundations can be traced back to a time at which no urban agglomeration whatsoever existed yet at this location although the structure would have looked completely different then. today’s eye catching interpretation has been erected in the 1940’s and can still be seen from afar within the modern skyline.

allow yourself a few minutes of calm whilst immersing yourself in this selection of spiritual soundscapes and enjoy.









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