a future in commons: a tribute to bassel khartabil

who is Bassel Khartabil? perhaps not everybody reading this will have heard of this name before. so, please let me clarify: Bassel was a syrian activist who passionately worked in the realms of open-source coding and creative commons and has, to the dismay of many, unsurprisingly been caught up in the woes of the syrian civil war.

apart from creating 3d-renderings of destroyed structures of ancient palmyra and with this starting the #newpalmyra project as part of a heritage preservation effort, he has also been the founder of the “aiki lab hackerspace” in damascus and with its endorsement of the creative commons proofed vital in advancing this type of open source licensing in the arab world amongst his many other involvements and activities.

he has been arrested unwarranted in 2012 and eventually disappeared in 2015. until the end july 2017 Bassel’s further fate has not been known but it is now clear that he died soon after his disappearance in 2015. if you are interested in more information on his case please visit http://freebassel.org.

since his detention there have been several assignments to create sonic pieces for the weekly disquiet junto and as a result a longtime junto participant took it upon himself to compile a tribute compilation to raise awareness and funds for the Bassel Khartabil Memorial Fund.

the following is the outstanding result of this effort and ¶radio hummingbird is incredibly proud to have been chosen to open the session for many great music pieces from highly appreciated fellows.


to be referred to the disquiet junto page for further notes about this compilation from marc, the disquiet founder and mastermind, please click here.

thank you and enjoy listening.

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