|field session #4

field sessions is a collection of intriguing sounds captured to freeze a moment in time which will never occur like this again. what remains is soundscape de-contextualised but full of potential. make of it whatever you can, there are no limits to the sky…….

this track has been recorded inside the angkor park world heritage site on the 12th of august 2017 at about ten to ten in the evening. it has been recorded at the northern corner of the east side of the ancient ស្រះស្រង់ (srah srang) water reservoir and captures a very brief moment of life in rural cambodia at night. in the absence of much artificial light the daily lives of most residents have been put to a well deserved rest. although, one can still hear some random murmur and chatter in the distance. otherwise only the notorious local night creatures make themselves known: crickets and cicadas, frogs, dogs and in frequencies noiseless to the human ear there are bats preying on scores of insects fluttering over the water. just to be drowned by the roaring noise of passing vehicles……

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