|field session #3

field sessions is a collection of intriguing sounds captured to freeze a moment in time which will never occur like this again. what remains is soundscape de-contextualised but full of potential. make of it whatever you can, there are no limits to the sky…….

this track has been recorded just outside malaysia’s national mosque in kuala lumpur on the 15th of june 2017 at about a quarter past one in the afternoon during the holy month of ramadan. it attempts to capture the atmosphere of this specific urban environment incorporating all its conflicting aspects: reflection and pause, rush and constraints as well as nature and its human interference. not so much out of prior deliberation but more out of necessity for an acceptable recording quality, the location of this recording has been exactly at the intersection of both those worlds. a relatively quiet road leading out of a substantial parkland in the heart of the malaysian capital into a major highway just a little distance away. the urban dream.


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