forever ∞ modular

quite some years ago ¶radio hummingbird started to discover the never ending realms of eurorack modular synthesizers. slowly but steadily a good sized system setup has been acquired and, every time a live show was looming, about 84hp worth of modules have been selected to feature in this one specific set. a unique combination every single time.

but then came the unforeseen and all of a sudden, in a relatively short amount of time, the complete modular setup had to give way to a significantly smaller travel/live rig which only recently has been fully completed. at least the main part of it. there will be two more future companions to this setup but both are still incomplete and scattered around the globe even though they do partially exist.

have a quick look at this little gem and tell me what you think.

For now, ¶radio hummingbird’s 6U/50hp live and travel system has the following specifications:

  • 3 oscillators
  • 2 filters
  • 1 lfo
  • 2 envelope generators
  • 1 dual lpg
  • 1 spring reverb
  • 1 delay
  • 1 sequencer [5 steps]
  • 1 sampler
  • 1 sample player
  • 1 random voltage and clock generator
  • 2 waveshapers
  • 2 mixers
  • and a selection of utilities

i decided that, instead of taking some modules from my studio setup, i will create an entirely new travel rig from scratch. there are only two modules which feature in both setups: the CFM – Bipolar Half-Wave-Rectifier and MUSIC THING MODULAR – Radio Music. other than that both systems are entirely different and can potentially be used simultaneously in the future to greatly complement each other. but this, however, is still a long way off…………

you can find all of ¶radio hummingbird’s eurorack synthesizers on Modulargrid in case you are curious .


dec. 2015 [courtesy of kat sadler ©]

so far, this was the only time the above-mentioned complete synthesizer setup has been used for a live performance and, likewise, the last time this rack has been played. ever since, it is waiting well packed in a storage location on another continent for its reassembly. but when this will happen no one knows for sure yet………..meanwhile, i hope all modules rest peacefully.


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