_on Framework Radio #592

screen shot framework radio 592

Framework Radio has kindly featured an introduction recording made by ◐ mode analogue in october 2016 in one of its recent editions.

it has been recorded on the cambodian island KOH RONG SAMLOEUM at the end of the rainy season on a beautiful stretch of coast being called the Sunset Beach. during this time the weather was still very rough and therefore the sound of the waves seems to be ever present. however, this was the first day since the end of the dry season when a little barge could approach this side of the island close enough to deliver urgently needed supplies and material which is usually carried by locals on a at times demanding jungle path during this time of the year.

this Framework edition has first been broadcast on 03.04.2017 and is volume #592 of this ongoing weekly series. you can listen to the program by clicking on above picture or here.

◐ mode analogue has been featured alongside a selection of other amazing artists during this edition as follows:

00:00 – 05:32  /  mode analogue  /  framework introduction, recorded in cambodia

03:33 – 17:11  /  sala  /  scare me not I [excerpt 1] /  scare me not  /  unfathomless
http://alas23.blogspot.com, http://unfathomless.net

09:08 – 18:06  /  christopher j. morris  /  listening in the sunroom  / field recordings 2017  /  [self-released]

14:01 – 22:20  /  grey frequency  /  drakelow tunnels  /  exhibition  / [self-released]

16:46 – 26:40  /  tobias hellqvist  /  the driver vs. the city  / forest psalms  /  dragon’s eye
http://www.tobiashellkvist.com, http://www.dragonseyerecordings.com

18:12 – 34:55  /  rihards bražinskis & raitis upens  /  [excerpt 1]  / aldaris  /  unfathomless

28:48 – 40:30  /  sala  /  scare me not I [excerpt 2] /  scare me not  /  unfathomless
http://alas23.blogspot.com, http://unfathomless.net

33:08 – 39:19  /  grey frequency  /  cascade  /  exhibition  / [self-released]

37:22 – 42:31  /  tobias hellqvist  /  where no one can hear you  / forest psalms  /  dragon’s eye
http://www.tobiashellkvist.com, http://www.dragonseyerecordings.com

40:07 – 44:21  /  tobias hellqvist  /  pt. 3 rhythms  /  forest psalms /  dragon’s eye
http://www.tobiashellkvist.com, http://www.dragonseyerecordings.com

42:58 – 55:15  /  grey frequency  /  hemlock stone  /  exhibition  / [self-released]

44:07 – 54:56  /  rihards bražinskis & raitis upens  /  [excerpt 2]  / aldaris  /  unfathomless

49:03 – 59:00  /  sala  /  scare me not II  /  scare me not  /  unfathomless
http://alas23.blogspot.com, http://unfathomless.net

Framework Radio is broadcast worldwide by independent radio stations and is also available for streaming via their website. operating as a community effort, they are always seeking submissions from individuals interested in contributing. any kind of support as well as donations will be greatly appreciated. you can find more information about this project on their website at http://frameworkradio.net.
thanks for tuning in and enjoy what you hear!

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