cities & memory: sacred spaces

cm-sacred-spaces_2please, let me introduce cities & memory. an online medium dedicated to location recordings and their re-imagined sonic creations.

every so often, the curator is inviting the interested public to first submit thematically relevant fieldrecordings of a pre-defined subject which are then offered to a different interpret be re-created in a second step. so far, the realised projects include the themes of “dada”, “dreamland”, “the city of hamburg”, “quiet streets”, “sound waves” and many more, including most recently the subject of “sacred spaces“.

having had an interest in participating in one of these kind of projects for quite some time, this project was the moment which felt just right to get engaged. liking it or not, being professionally engaged with religious monuments on a daily basis creates numerous opportunities for capturing fieldrecordings featuring religious and/or spiritual practices and thus ◐ mode analogue has been able to submit three different recordings from as many different countries. these are all places which at one point were considered ‘home’.

in contrast, ¶radio hummingbird was able to re-imagine a location recording of a country unbeknownst to the interpret – albania. and the result is what it would sound like in my imagination walking down a random road in tirana at any given time in the first half of the 21st century. use headphones, if you can and immerse yourself in these sonic landscapes. enjoy…..

_squared out

〉〉a square is on the horizon. is it blue? is it purple? it is rising. is it rising? of course, there is no denial. it is grinning. thinks it is winning all our hearts over in hatred. dividing, splitting and spitting. never mind the truth. foolish. truth has been created ever since. slave labour. oppression. manipulation. malnutrition? i think it is red now. deep red it seems. blood is dripping straight out of our spleens. what does it mean? you don’t know? how come? it seems to be clear. transparent. translucent. transcendent. ambiguous. but clear. shining. nice and bright to all our awe. resilience. calmness. innocence. how can it hurt? it is playful. childlike. a world appearing. passing. afar in the distance. strange but familiar. what can it be? a feeling of warmths. curiosity. i am intrigued. are you curious? and brave? hold in. take a deep breath. reflect. relax. it feels good. problems don’t seem to matter any longer. it is the braveness. it is building. it feels good. don’t be afraid. there is much to see. there is plenty to share. you will grow, you will sprout. with every step you take your horizon will expand. don’t fear. this is the time of the departure. one step at a time. forward. there is only tomorrow. no past. no remorse. fear not, the horizon is growing. expanding manyfold. the square you say? which square? there are no boundaries, no borders. you are free. show some compassion and take the first step. out of this square…….〈〈


|alexanderplatz, berlin, germany


|st. mary’s church, totnes, england


|wat po banteaychey, siem reap, cambodia

please visit cities & memory and start exploring. there is an extensive catalog of interesting sonic endeavours and one should not miss this opportunity to tune into the sounds from other parts of this world. “sacred spaces” alone features around 120 contributions from artists all over the planet which makes me believe that there is much to discover……..

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