_on Framework Radio #445

ladies and gentlemen, a sound-art piece by ¶RADIO HUMMINGBIRD has been featured in a superb radio mix on Framework Radio, created by berlin based architect, writer and sound artist D. L. Lutz.
this “framework:afield” edition has first been broadcast on 01.12.2013 and is volume #445 of this ongoing weekly series. you can listen to the program by clicking on above picture or here.

¶RADIO HUMMINGBIRD is represented amongst other truly inspirational
artists as follows:

{ sound_assassin: Empire Hotel Friday Night Radio Scan; Soundcloud, 2011
Tuxedomoon: Une Nuit Au Fond De La Frayere; from „Egypt EP“, Sordide Sentimental, 1981
Yair Lopez: Primitivo branquiado comedor de hierba de los fondos abisales, performed live @ Antena, Chicago (broadcast as Radius, Episode 29); Soundcloud, 2012
Paul Schütze: Sleep III; from „Apart“ Double Album, Virgin 1995
Biosphere: Camp 1.5 / Camp 2; from „Cho Oyu 8201m – Field Recordings From Tibet“, Ash International ASH71, 2006
Biosphere: Laika (audiovisual installation @ Tromso Kunstforening, 2000); downloaded from http://www.biosphere.no (link deleted)
Radio Noise Experiments (Budapest): Radio Lake / Salute To Samuel / WR3-T6; Soundcloud, 2012 / 2013
Norm Scott: Pauline Oliveros On Listening; Soundcloud, 2012
Peterson Ruiz (Brasil): Radiomysterio 6; Soundcloud, 2012
Johannes Kreidler: Kontinuum mit Melodie; from „Orpheus 400“, DEGEM CD 9, cybele records 2007
Analogue Monologues: Radio Hummingbird _ Wind (Submission for Hilltown New Music Festival, Ireland); Soundcloud, 2012
The Beatles: Revolution No. 9; from „White Album“, Apple Records 1968
Scanner (Robin Rimbaud): Colofon & Compendium (Redux); exclusive collage of same album from 1994; Soundcloud, 2012
Teatteri Moderni Kanuuna: Le Fetin Sananvaitho (Edit); from WMFU archives (link deleted), date unknown
The Orb: Little Fluffy Clouds (Live Intro); from „Live93“, Islands Records 1993
Henri Pousseur / Michel Butor: Etats Zuni (containing passages of Pousseur’s composition Couleurs Croisees); from „Paysage Planetaires“, Alga Marghen, 2004
People Like Us: Guide To Broadcasting; from „Guide To Broadcasting“, Staalplaat STMCD002, 1994
Biosphere: Kobresia; from „Substrata“, Origo Sound, 1997 }

Framework Radio is broadcast worldwide by independent radio stations and, operating as a community effort, is always seeking submissions from individuals interested in contributing. also, any kind of support will be greatly appreciated. you can find more information about this project on their website at http://frameworkradio.net.
thanks for tuning in!